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Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Gaming Keyboard

microsoft sidewinder x6 gaming keyboard

This Keyboard Is Amazing!

If you're anything like me, you roll your eyes when ever you hear about a new Microsoft product. I mean, they have so many for one, and they are all about mainstream, not excellence. This keyboard changed my views when it comes to Microsoft's gaming products.

First Impressions

"The best of Microsoft's gaming products!!"

If high performance and custom tuning is a part of your gaming mantra, then the Microsoft SideWinder X6 is definitely for you. Microsoft made this gaming keyboard as a serious attempt to be the go-to choice for serious gamers who demand customized functionality, programmable keys and the ability to tweak the settings and key functions to their liking.

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Features and Customization options

microsoft sidewinder x6 gaming keyboard

The Microsoft SideWinder X6 keyboard offers a host of customization options. I'll start with the switch-able keypad section, which depending upon the user's preferences, can be set on the right side or left side of the main keyboard. There is an option to switch modes from standard mode to gaming mode and vice versa, as well as an option to assign macros. The WASD keys have front-faced lighting for better visibility, the backlighting is two-tone adjustable and can be set to your liking.

microsoft sidewinder x6 gaming keyboard

In addition to all these features, I must make a mention of the "Cruise control" feature here - this button allows up to 4 consecutive key presses to be continued until the button is pressed again, though the macro functions cannot be cruise-controlled. Speaking of the macro options on this keyboard, I was really worried that it was going to be so confusing it would be worthless, but it turned out to be really simple. Along the left side is a row of 6 keys, S1 to S6 and S7 to S12, with a button beneath them to switch from the 1-6 bank to the 7-2 bank. Simply press the macro button, press the series of keys of the macro function that is desired, and press the macro button once more when done. The macro options have been set and your ready to game on!

microsoft sidewinder x6 gaming keyboard

Another great feature is the quick launch key to help gain instant access to Microsoft games explorer option. There are also dedicated media keys, as well as an option to manually toggle the standard mode off or on or to either of the two gaming modes shown by their color coded LEDs. When a game application is programmed with the software, the keyboard detects the game or application in use and applies your custom settings.

Pros Vs Cons

microsoft sidewinder x6 gaming keyboard


  • One of the biggest advantages of using the SideWinder X6 is the sheer customization options for the macro keys. With this keyboard, it is possible to assign up to 90 macro functions
  • build quality - the device feels extremely well built and reassuring.
  • Each key on pressing gives an audible click, has a pleasing tactile action and feel to it.
  • Two giant knobs on the upper right corner of the keyboard, one each to control the backlighting level and volume respectively which feels to bean improve convenience for the core gamers.
  • Excellent value for money proposition.
  • The keys are backlit with a warm, reddish glow
  • It scores high on the ergonomics front


  • non adjustable wrist rest
  • This is an expensive gaming keyboard

microsoft sidewinder X6 gaming keyboardAll points taken into account, it's very good keyboard, especially when one considers the price point. It has a great tactile feel, super macro functions, a good key layout, and a nifty swappable num pad. It's a sure winner from the team at Microsoft, but not one which cannot be improved further upon. This product has a 4 star rating on Amazon, with 152 customer reviews which only goes to highlight its popularity with the dedicated gaming crowd. This gaming keyboard comes with a 3 year warranty and can be easily bought from (>Prices can fluctuate daily–click here for current pricing).