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Logitech G19S Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G19S gaming keyboard

This Keyboard Rocks!

Logitech is a prominent player when it comes to gaming peripherals, and the G19s keyboard only reinforces that notion. It is definitely a top of the line offering from Logitech, packing in all the functionalities and goodies that a gamer might need, and even a little more.

First Impressions

"It's a top of the line offering from Logitech..."

The Logitech G19s is a heavily customizable gaming keyboard, with the stand out feature obviously being an LCD panel at the top of the keyboard. Logitech calls this screen the GamePanel, and it allows gamers to monitor and track their in-game information like CPU and GPU performance, or even chat with their team-mates without taking up any of the precious screen real estate.

Features of the Logitech G19S Gaming Keyboard

Customization and Design:

Logitech G19S gaming keyboard left side

One look at this gaming keyboard, and it's easy to see that this keyboard was developed with gamers in mind. Instead of the usual drab of conventional keyboard buttons, the Logitech G19S has extra keys and functions packed into almost every inch of the available space. On the right side of the keyboard there is a roller knob for volume adjustment and media control keys. The 12 programmable macro keys take up the entire left end of the keyboard for maximum playability and access. Each key can be programmed with up to 3 macro functions, swappable by the push of a button. This Logitech G19S gaming keyboard also offers 6 -key anti-ghosting and six key rollover to handle multiple keystrokes registering at once. This might sound like less then other gaming keyboards, but has definitely addressed the ghosting issue.

Logitech G19S gaming keyboard right side

The keys can be customised with adjustable backlighting options as well. You can pick any color from the 16 million RGB options. That is a lot of custom colors! This keyboard also has provisions to help you switch between a gaming and a non gaming mode. While in the gaming mode, the keyboard disables the windows switch so that no accidental keystrokes can push you out of your games. This is a critical feature for all gaming keyboards. I'm pretty amazed that this is not a standard function for gaming keyboards. Backlighting color presets can also be assigned to each mode so you can know with a glance which mode your keyboard is in. This goes a long ways for functionality and the ease of use.

GamePanel Screen:

Logitech G19S gaming keyboard screen

With out a dout, one of the most notable features of this gaming keyboard is the built in LCD display. Logitech has opted to name this the GamePanel for some reason. I think they should of called it the Computer Stats Screen, because that's basically all it is. I guess it is a little handy though, after all it does feed you a steady stream of information like some gaming stats and your system's data. It also displays VOIP and media information. The display has a built in adjustable hinge so you can set it to any angle needed, suiting it to your seating positions and style of play. Another issue with the screen is that it needs a separate power source, along with the standard USB fare. Over-all it's pretty bad ass.

Pros Vs Cons


Logitech G19S gaming keyboard backside
  • Built in lcd screen to display relevant system and gaming information
  • Massively customizable backlighting
  • 12 programmable macro buttons all in the same area for ease of use
  • Can switch between multiple profiles and modes with assigned backlighting for quick mode id
  • True 6 key anti-ghosting support


  • Requires separate power source for the screen
  • Lcd display is not a touch screen
  • A little expensive.

Logitech G19S gaming keyboard front view

Logitech G19S gaming keyboard profile viewThis keyboard offers plenty of customization features, as well as a wealth of functionality options via macros for the mad gamer to play around with. The built-in display is a nifty feature, but it remains to be seen as to how useful it really is. If I never had the Mad Catz STRIKE 7, this would be my number one choice. This gaming keyboard comes in at a strong second in my book. It all boils down to your preferences, pick the gaming keyboard you like best!! This gaming keyboard has a 3.9 star rating out of 5 on with 47 customer reviews.(Prices can fluctuate daily–click here for current pricing).